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Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon: A Brush with Travels
A Fresh Coat of Paint_ Newfoundland series

A Fresh Coat of Paint, Newfoundland series

12 x 12 inches
Safety in Numbers

Safety in Numbers

20 x 16 inches
Never the Twain Shall Meet_ NYC

Never the Twain Shall Meet, NYC

32 x 60 inches

Please join us on Saturday, January 18th for a painting demo with the artist from 1pm to 4pm.

Artist's Statement

I have begun a painting journey that may take me forever. My intention is to Paint Canada; the regions, the landscape and the people.
Whenever I travel, I sketch and photograph both the people and the scenery. I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland in 2012 on a painting holiday with two of my good friends who are also artists. Since then we have also painted the lakes and mountains in Jasper, the canola fields in central Alberta, and the west coast of Vancouver Island.
This past fall I have also traveled to Newfoundland, where I spent hours enjoying the unique beauty of the eastern most part of Canada. From the cliffs off Cape Spear to the distinctively quaint architecture of St. Johns, and also the harbor towns that dot the coastline around Newfoundland.
The rest of the country is now mine to be sought out and captured in paint. This exhibit is just the tip of the iceberg… there will be many more vistas and many more people to paint. I hope that you will follow me in my journey.

Calgary's Contemporary Art Gallery 102, 628 11th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0E9 403.244.2000

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