Rachelle Kearns: Reflection
April 29 - May 16, 2015
Feature artist_ Rachelle Kearns

Artist Statement

I am mesmerized by beautiful moments – not just because of the aesthetics, but because it stirs my soul and allows me to experience something beyond myself, something far greater than my own reality. These moments feel like inspired glimpses of truth and they are only found when I pause long enough to take them in. For the last ten years, my paintings have paid tribute to these moments found in our everyday experience; Light dancing on water, a bubble, hovering for a moment in the air or a ray of light breaking through a dense forest of trees. Upon discovery, I have had the distinct pleasure of analysing, pursuing and honouring these moments through a few extensive bodies of work: the ‘bubbly’, ‘mercyscape’ and ‘breakthrough’ series of paintings.

The art represented in this latest exhibit is the product of reflecting upon the learnings that have transpired over this past decade. A display of all that has emerged, in an effort to embrace what is yet to come. Each body of work has allowed me to see the world differently. My hope is that in some way, it will enable you to see things differently too.

Awaken my soul
Breakthrough - awaken my soul

All we are is fading stars
Bubbly - all we are is fading stars

Beautiful in Blue
mercyscape - beautiful in blue

Dare to be Moved
Breakthrough- dare to be moved

Everything is golden
mercyscape - everything is golden

Here Comes the Sun
Breakthrough - here comes the sun

higher ground
Bubbly - higher ground

Kicking dust
Breakthrough - kicking dust

Let the light roll in
Breakthrough - let the light roll in

Red Skies at Night
mercyscape - red skies at night

running down a dream
Bubbly - running down a dream

Stretching out the heavens
mercyscape - stretching out the heavens

The Clouds Parted
mercyscape - the clouds parted

The unfolding of you
Breakthrough - the unfolding of you

you woke the morning up
Bubbly - you woke the morning up



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