Kevin Ghiglione


Kevin  Ghiglione
About the Artists:

Kevin Ghiglione's abstract encaustic paintings are inspired by the mark of mankind through time. His textural artworks suggest the passage of time through excavated vestiges of architecture, communication and evidences of wear.

Kevin is represented in Calgary by Gibson Fine Art and in Toronto by Muse Gallery. His work is in collections across North America and Europe.

A native of Saskatchewan, he attended the Alberta College of Art and Ontario College of Art where he studied print making, experimental media, photography, communication arts and industrial design. His working career has led him into various art related fields. Kevin brings four decades of artist experiences to his encaustic painting process. Kevin resides in Toronto, is married with three children and creates artwork full time.


Selected Exhibitions

2015          Featured Artist              Gibson Fine Art, Calgary, AB

2015          Art Gems                      Celebrity Charity Live Auction, Toronto, ON

2014          Solo Show - "Stories"     Muse Gallery, Toronto, ON

2014          Group exhibit                 Toronto Art Expo Gallery, Toronto, ON

2013          Featured Artist               Gibson Fine Art, Calgary, AB

2013          Art Gems                       Celebrity Charity Live Auction, Toronto, ON

2013          Art Expo Toronto             Group show. Toronto, ON

2012          Solo Show - "Fable"         Muse Gallery, Toronto, ON

2012          Art Gems                        Celebrity Charity Live Auction, Toronto, ON

2011          Group Exhibit                  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, ON

2011          Solo Show - "Rival Rhythm"      Muse Gallery, Toronto, ON

2011          Art Gems                          Celebrity Charity Live Auction, Toronto, ON

2010          Solo Show - Feature Artist          Red Brick Cafe Gallery, Guelph, ON

2010          Group Exhibit                       Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, ON

2010          Group Exhibit                       Art Gallery of Hamilton, ON

2010          Solo Show - “Arcs, Areas and Boundaries”         Muse Gallery, Toronto, ON


Artist’s Statement

My artwork is an exploration of the passage of time, colour and composition. I am intrigued with aspects of lost communication, evidence of human habitation and use, and ’visual music’

The ancient encaustic medium (beeswax and damar resin) allows me the ability to paint in an additive and subtractive manner. I can paint layer over layer and then excavate the medium for a sense of loss and discovery. 

The abstract encaustic paintings are a textured colour field with deep lustre and complex textures. Through the layering of wax, elements have been hidden, damaged, lost, and worn away - and then excavated and rediscovered. The resulting the patina of distressed and textured surfaces suggests a history and a passage of time.  I strive to find the emotional connection between the artwork and the viewer where the artwork becomes a meaningful and valuable object.

Associated Exhibitions
Feature Artist: Kevin Ghiglione
June 9 - June 27, 2015
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Feature Artist Kevin Ghiliogne

June 1 - June 15, 2013
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