William (Bill) Brownridge


William (Bill)  Brownridge
About the Artists:

My inspiration to paint comes from three sources. Perhaps most significantly, as a child I suffered from a physical condition which greatly hindered my ability to walk and run. My condition led to a fascination with all types of action and, as a child of the prairies, it was only natural that my eye would focus on things such as galloping horses and the grace and power of an outdoor hockey game.

In addition, with my home environment of the Canadian prairies cold for six months of the year, I grew up loving the wintertime, both its shining beauty and its starkness.

Over the years, my art has been exhibited in galleries and art venues across the country. Most significantly, I have had exhibitions in Calgary's famed Glenbow Museum and the National Musuem of Science and Technology in Canada's capital city of Ottawa.

Since 1988 I have had over 15 individual shows, most of which have sold out, and my paintings are presently available in three different Canadian galleries. The U.S. Olympic Centre in Colorado has purchased several pieces. I've been exhibited in Toronto's Hockey Hall of Fame and  have had many works purchased by NHL executives, players, and organizations including the hocley hall of fame and the International Hockey Federation. Added to this are the hundreds of individuals who collect my art. Furthermore, I've appeared inside and on the front page of daily newspapers across the country, in magazines, and on CBC Radio and CBC TV including Newsworld.

In 1995 I left advertising so I could dedicate myself exclusively to painting. Since then I have also become a writer and illustrator of my own series of best-selling children's books. The most recent title "The Boy Who Wouldn't Fight" is the story of a young mans journey in competative hockey featuring an original story and illustrations.

I presently live on Salt Spring Island, still creating and fascinated by the act of painting.

Associated Exhibitions
Bill Brownridge New Works
September 8 - September 22, 2012
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BILL BROWNRIDGE: The Art of Hockey
February 18 - March 11, 2011
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