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Richard  Cole

Fort Langley based artist Richard Cole was born in Edmonton and graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design. His work, collected in corporate and private collections worldwide, celebrates the textures of the ephemeral and the unexpected beauty of land and water. It captures the vast spaces of Alberta’s prairielands, the dark tangle of wildness that is BC’s Fraser River delta, and the oceanscapes of BC's West Coast. In counterpoint to his sweeping vision, Richard's work also honours small moments: bright poppies against dull grasses, the textures of bark, the promise of clouds, and the transient legacies of human settlement. Recently, Richard has returned to figurative work in oversized portraits of humans and wildlife and has illustrated two successful children’s books, The Boy Who Paints and The Girl Who Writes with writer K. Jane Watt.

Featured Piece

Richard  Cole Prairie



Richard  Cole Prairie

Richard  Cole Fir Tree
Fir Tree

Richard  Cole Forest Light
Forest Light

Richard  Cole Storm

Richard  Cole Summer Light
Summer Light

Richard  Cole Valley




Richard  Cole

Richard Cole

Richard Cole Biography


1987-1991 Alberta College of Art, Calgary, Alberta

Visual Arts Diploma major in Painting


Solo Exhibitions

2013                        Canada House Gallery, Banff Alberta

2012                        West End Gallery Victoria BC

2011                        Canada House Gallery Banff Alberta

2010                        Ian Tan Gallery, Hong Kong/ Vancouver

2009                        West End Gallery, Victoria BC

2009                        Canada House Gallery, Banff Alberta

2007                        Canada House Gallery, Banff Alberta

2007                        Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver,BC

2007                           West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta

2005                         Halde Galerie, Widen Switzerland

2005                        Canada House Gallery. Banff Alberta

2005                        Lambert Gallery, Vancouver BC

2004                        Portfolio Gallery, Vancouver BC

2003                        Van Dop Gallery, New Westminster BC

2003                        Portfolio Gallery, Vancouver BC

2002                        Portfolio Gallery, Vancouver BC

1996                        The Auburn, Calgary, Alberta

1995                        The Seoul Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

1995                        Myxdmedia Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

1992                        Newzones Gallery, Calgary, Alberta



Group Exhibitions


2013                        Ian Tan Gallery, Hong Kong

2008                        Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2007                        Halde Galerie, Switzerland

2005                        Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2005                         Halde Galerie, Widen Switzerland

2005                         Nan Miller Gallery, Rochester, NY USA

2004                        Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle WA USA

2004                        Halde Galerie, Widen Switzerland

2004                        Lambert Gallery, Vancouver BC

2003                        WhistlerVillage Art Gallery

2003                        Roche Bobois, Vancouver BC

2003                        Seymour Art Gallery, Deep Cove BC

2002                         Van Dop Gallery, New Westminster BC

2001                        Bruce, Vancouver BC

1997                        Browser, Artropolis, Vancouver, BC.

1996                        Wolf and Wolf Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta

1996                        Painted Arrow Gallery, Jasper, Alberta

1995                        Provenance Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

1995                        Paul Khun Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

1993                         Newzones Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

1992                         City of Calgary Mayor’s Office, Calgary

1991                         Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

1990                        Latitude 53, Edmonton, Alberta


Charitable Donations

2003- Orcas in the city, B.C. Lions Society, Vancouver, BC

2002 –20012 Splash; Arts Umbrella, Vancouver. BC

2001 Seva, A room with a view, Vancouver BC

1997 Access Artist run centre fundraiser, Vancouver, BC

1995 Edmonton Opera fundraiser, Edmonton, Alberta

1991-1995 New Gallery fundraiser, Calgary, Alberta

Richard Cole Description

Painter Richard Cole was born in Edmonton and did his art training in Alberta before moving to Vancouver in 1995. He continues to sell his work in galleries in Vancouver, Banff, Victoria, Whistler, Edmonton, Seattle, New York, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. In 2013, he published his first children’s book, The Boy Who Paints with writer K. Jane Watt.

Richard’s work celebrates the vast spaces of Alberta’s prairie lands and the natural beauty of BC’s West Coast, sometimes across the expanse of a canola field in bloom or down the long view of a reach of the Fraser River framed by trees and sky. But his work also celebrates small moments that mark the changing of seasons: bright clover against new grass, the colours of wheat, apple blossoms against the bare branches from which they grew.

Change and movement are captured by Richard’s brush in dramatic ways, including the advance of waves on an isolated Pacific shore and their pull on the sand as they retreat, or the shape of the wind in prairie grass. But so too are stillness and hush – the moment of silence that precedes the crash of a storm, the windless pause that settles the pond the corner of a field, the quiet surface of a river channel that hints at the power below.

“I am inspired by the wonders of the changing landscape,” Richard says. “And I try to paint the intangible — the ever-changing light in the sky, the smell of the weather before a storm, or the movement of the air around you.”

Richard continues to paint landscapes large and small and has been incorporating the luminosity of silver leaf into some of his new work. And recently he has expanded his repertoire by looking homeward and into memory. He has been working on capturing the human figure – especially his young family – in giant portraits that reflect the gestures and glances that make up everyday life, and he has returned wholeheartedly to the changing prairie landscapes of his childhood.

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