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Joel  Mara

BC based painter Joel Mara spent his childhood years on the beaches of Vancouver Island. Here he developed an appreciation for nature that grew into an artistic pursuit..

Mara paints evocative landscapes with undulating colorful brushstrokes where his is drawn to the drama and immediacy of nature. When viewed from a distance, viewers will appreciate the sweeping vision of his work; close up, they can witness the intricate, energetic dance of the individual brushstrokes that make up the whole. “The concept of my work is to create a landscape using less drawing and more color,” he explains. “I simplify as much as I dare.”

Joel Mara currently works and paints in Vancouver.

Featured Piece

Joel  Mara Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake


Joel  Mara Mountain Lake
Mountain Lake

Joel  Mara Sunshine Coast Pines
Sunshine Coast Pines

Joel  Mara Trail To The Peak
Trail To The Peak

Joel  Mara McArthur Lake
McArthur Lake

Joel  Mara The Sun_s Final Moments
The Sun's Final Moments

Joel  Mara Waterton Park
Waterton Park




Joel  Mara

Joel Mara

Joel Mara Biography


2013    Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2013    Sisko Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA
2013    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB

2012    Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC
2012    Agora Gallery, New York ,NY (August 30 – September 23)
2012    Burnaby Counselling Group Fundraiser, The Italian Cultural Center, Vancouver, BC

2011    Havana Gallery Solo Show, Vancouver, BC (July)
2011    Darts Hill Art Fair, White Rock, BC (June) 
2011    Casa Del Cafe Solo Show, North Vancouver, BC (April)
2011    Main Street Art Collective Group Show at Raw Canvas, Vancouver, BC (February - March)

2010    Elliott Louis Gallery Group Show / Golden Brush Competition, Vancouver, BC (October) 
2010    The Anonymous Art Show, North Vancouver Community Arts Council (December)
2010    Paint for Peace, Douglas College, New Westminster (September)

2009    Douglas College Gallery, New Westminster, BC (August 15 – October 23)
2009    Arnold Mikelson Art Show, White Rock, BC (July 05 - 16)
2009    Riverside Optometry Clinic (Solo Show), Coquitlam, BC (April -September)
2009    Darts Hill Art Fair, White Rock, BC (June 18)
2009    Art In The Garden, North Vancouver, (June 11,12)

2008    Mission Art Gallery, FCA Group Show, Mission, BC (Aug 15 - 24)
2008    Arnold Mikelson Art Show, White Rock, BC (July 05 - 16)

2007    Arnold Mikelson Art Show, White Rock, BC (July 05 - 16)
2007    Jabez Coffee House, Surrey, BC (September - January)

Joel Mara Statement

As we look out on nature I think all of us feel the power and glory of the physical world we live in. It can be seen as a vast living creature upon which we live and thrive. Some of us are content to feel these things privately, but others have a need to celebrate what they see by making their own worlds, based upon those they have seen. These worlds on canvas are neither solely a natural phenomenon or solely a human creation. They are a synergy of both and are unique in this respect.  It gives me a thrill to create space on a flat surface, to make light dance on water, to form great mountains in the distance. This, to me, is something I must do.

Joel Mara Resumé


2008     Oil Painting & Color Techniques with Susan Falk (July – August)
2004     Graphic Design & Illustration Diploma, Capillano College

2002     Graphic Design Certificate, Mckay Technical Institute

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