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Pam  Weber

Artist's Statement
As far back as I can remember I’ve always made pictures: pictures that record what I see, a culmination of my experience, a reaction to the world around me; pictures that tell a story; my narrative of family, friends, home, neighbourhood, and community.

My initial idea often requires research and takes form as pencil touches paper. Design, line, shape, underpainting, marking, cohesiveness of colour, positive and negative space involves my full attention. A visual play, if you will. The emotional reaction to my imagery is as important as the imagery itself.

My paintings of my familiar or imagined surroundings: the personification of the inanimate; my vision of a slightly off-kilter, colourful, mysterious, yet inviting world.

Featured Piece

Pam  Weber At That Same Moment

At That Same Moment


Pam  Weber At That Same Moment
At That Same Moment

Pam  Weber All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up

Pam  Weber Calm Before The Storm
Calm Before The Storm

Pam  Weber During the Next Five Years
During the Next Five Years

Pam  Weber Fancy Our Meeting
Fancy Our Meeting

Pam  Weber Floating on Air
Floating on Air

Pam  Weber High Rise
High Rise

Pam  Weber It_s All About Me
It's All About Me

Pam  Weber Just a Whispe
Just a Whisper

Pam  Weber Around the Block
Once Around The Block

Pam  Weber Party Next Block Over
Party Next Block Over

Pam  Weber Party of One
Party of One

Pam  Weber Take Shelter_ acrylic on canvas_ 16 x 20 in
Take Shelter

Pam  Weber Time and Time Again
Time and Time Again

Pam  Weber Today

Pam  Weber You Can Do One Thing For Meboard_ 2014
You Can Do One Thing For Me

Pam  Weber Anyone Out There
Anyone Out There




Pam  Weber

Pam Weber

Pam Weber Biography

Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa, Ontario, Lithography and Serigraphy (1986-1988)
Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario, Graphic Arts Program (1985-1986)
Conestoga College, Kitchener, Ontario, Photography and Darkroom Techniques (1981)
Venetian Art and Architecture, Venice, Italy, through Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario (1978)
University of Guelph, Ontario, Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art Major (1975-1979)

Selected Exhibitions
'Enchanted', Profiles Public Art Gallery, St Albert, Alberta (December 2008)
‘Fellow Creatures’, Art Gallery of Alberta, AFA Travelling Exhibition (Sept.2008-10)
‘The Home Show’, Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, Edmonton, AB (July 2008)
‘Small Is All’, Alberta Society of Artists, Inter-Provincial Travelling Exhibition (May 2008-2010)
Small Works North America, Greenwich Workshop Gallery, Fairfield, Connecticut (November 2007)
‘Smile Autographs’, Polish Culture Centre, Budapest, Hungary (August 2007)
‘Puzzle Project’, Klondike Institute of Art and Culture, Dawson City, Yukon (July 2007)
International Miniature Art Exhibit of Saint-Nicolas, Lévis, Quebec (June 2007, 2005, 2003)
‘Spectrum’, Visual Arts Alberta Association, Edmonton, Alberta (November 2006)
‘Child's Play’, McMullen Gallery, University of Alberta
Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta; TREX Exhibition ( 2004-2008)
‘Summer Gallery Part II’, FCA Gallery, Vancouver, BC (July 2004)
‘New Work by Ivens, Legge, Weber’, Fosbrooke Fine Arts, Calgary, AB (March 2003)
‘15th Annual Miniature Show’, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario (December 2002)
Artnest Gallery, Calgary, Alberta (October 2002)
‘Places, Spaces and Faces’, Leighton Foundation, Calgary, Alberta (May 2002)
Artnest Gallery, Calgary, Alberta (October 2001)
• Artspace, Calgary, Alberta (April 2001)
Fosbrooke Fine Arts Gallery, Calgary (December 2000)
‘Udderly Art’, Calgary, Alberta (June-October 2000)
‘Windows to the Soul’, Centre 64 Gallery, Kimberly, B C. (June 2000)
‘Into the Garden, Again’, Red Deer District Museum, Red Deer, Alberta (January 2000)

‘New Work’, Fosbrooke Fine Arts, Calgary, Alberta (May 2005)
‘Chairs, Squares and Elephant Hairs’, Nepean Civic Square Atrium Gallery, Nepean, Ontario (September 1994)
Ottawa Women's Credit Union, Ottawa, Ontario (March 1990)
‘The Wonderful World of P. Weber’, Sante Restaurant, Ottawa, Ontario (June 1990)
Ottawa Women’s Credit Union, Ottawa, Ontario (October 1986) Illustration
Artwork for labels, The Naked Leaf, Calgary, Alberta
‘A Season of Hope’, greeting card design for The Cancer Society, Toronto, Ontario
Label art, Castle Mountain Sugarless Chocolate Bar, Les Truffes au Chocolat Inc., Calgary, Alberta
Book jacket art, What Religion is God? by Harold James, Calgary, Alberta

Awards and Honours
AFCA Status, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC (March 2006)
Honourable Mention, Federation of Canadian Artists, Calgary Chapter (December 2001)
Honourable Mention, Federation of Canadian Artists (April 2001)
Juror’s Award, Source of Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario (September 1986)
Honourable Mention, Salon Show, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario(March 1979)

Webco Sports Ltd., Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario (July 2007)
Mazankowski Heart Institute, Edmonton, Alberta (January 2007)
Samsung Electronics Canada Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario, for The Canadian Cancer Society (October 2005)
Cardiology Consultants, Bridgeland Medical Building, Calgary, Alberta (February 2005)
Beaumont Church LLP, Calgary, Alberta (October 2004)
Champion Technologies, Calgary, Alberta (June 2004)
Brownlee Barristers & Solicitors, Calgary, Alberta (May 2004)
Sandstone Dental Clinic, Calgary, Alberta (October 2003)
Leighton Foundation, Calgary, Alberta (May 2003)
Calgary Board of Education, Calgary, Alberta (June 2000)
Calgary Board of Education, Calgary, Alberta (June 1999)
Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton, Alberta (April 1997)

Professional Affiliations
Alberta Society of Artists, South Branch, Calgary, Alberta (2000-present)
Calgary Artists’ Society, Calgary, Alberta (1998-2002)
Federation of Canadian Artists (1996-present)
Art Lending of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario (1992-1995)
Ottawa Women’s Art Committee, Ottawa, Ontario (1985-1991)

Pam Weber Description

Pam Weber was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario and now resides in Calgary, Alberta. She graduated from the University of Guelph in 1979 having majored in Fine Art.

In 1984 Pam married and moved to Ottawa where she furthered her artistic education by taking classes in lithography and serigraphy from the Ottawa School of Arts. She also studied Graphic Arts at Algonquin College. She was employed as a production artist at a screen-printing business and later worked at a publishing company. In the summer of 1995 she moved to Calgary with her husband and three sons.

Pam has worked in different mediums over the years, notably printmaking and mixed media collage, but she has settled comfortably with acrylic paint. It indulges her love of colour, strong shapes and the play of positive and negative space that are very apparent in her finished works. The vibrancy and versatility of acrylic paint suits her bold, colourful images. “Peaceful landscapes, colourful streetscapes, inviting interiors, and chairs with personality dominate my paper, canvas, tile and boards. My paintings tell a story, but the story told depends on the viewer. My style is a culmination of all I have learned, applied and experimented with over the years.”

Pam Weber has been actively involved with various art groups including the Alberta Society of Artists, Federation of Canadian Artists and the Calgary Artists’ Society. She continues to produce original acrylic paintings for charitable fundraising events, galleries and for the viewing pleasure of her dedicated audience.

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